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Tyres are indispensable part of any vehicle. Every exercise done directly/indirectly depends on the tyres. Out of the many advantages of tire maintenance, better fuel economy and improved vehicle handling are of immense value. Therefore, always keep the tyres running in good shape. Here are some important things that every car owner needs to know about tyres to keep them roadworthy.

Choosing the right tire

ImageThe first and the foremost requirement is the right tyre. Remember, selecting good quality tires is vital for hassle-free driving on the road. For this, always buy tyres of good brand or stick to the specifications laid down by your car manufacturer. Before making the purchase, check the customer reviews and forums online to confirm whether or not the tyre is good for your car. A good set of tires ensures top-level performance and safety.

Maintaining proper tire pressure

ImageThe tire pressure must be at a proper inflation level. Under-inflated tyres result in increased rolling resistance, which in turn results in more fuel consumption, affecting your fuel economy badly. Over inflated tyres can affect your driving performance. Keeping tyres properly inflated improves fuel economy by 3.3%.

Wheels should be properly aligned:

ImageWheels that are not properly aligned can cause tyres to wear a lot faster. This is how? Wheels out of alignment make tyres to move in the wrong direction. This could affect your safety and the durability of tyres and also all the parts controlling them. It is recommended that you rotate the tyres and have the wheel alignment checked with every oil change or after every 10,000 km.

Monthly Tire Inspection

ImageThe tyres start wearing out as a result of direct contact with the road with time. Small cracks with particles embedded in it appear on the tires. Therefore, make sure your tires have enough tread. The tyre with tread less than 1.6mm is no longer safe for driving purposes. All these are indication that you need to take your car for servicing.

Wheel balancing                  

Image You will know that the wheel is out of balance when one area is heavier than the rest. By balancing, you can reduce vibration and avert premature wearing of the tyres. Not only this, it means that the steering system, the suspension and the bearings are taken care of automatically. Get your tyres balanced very time you get them replaced or buy new ones.

Heat is injurious

ImageOverheated tyres do not live long. Tire subjected to high heat spells a negative spell on the tread wear and structural resistance. There are various factors that can lead to heated tires including high loads, high speeds, coarse pavement, aggressive driving, high cornering loads, hard braking etc. Do not neglect this.

If you find anything unusual with the tyres, don’t ignore it and get it fixed as soon as possible for good vehicle health and above all safety of you and your family on the road. To get more information on this topic you can follow us at Car tyres Glen Waverley.